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Vicki Christophersen


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My Story

Vicki Christophersen has been providing effective and comprehensive representation at the state legislative, executive and agency levels for a diverse client base since 1998. Her government relations influence has impacted public policy for clients whose issues face multiple layers of regulatory control in addition to legislative oversight. Vicki’s track record of success includes navigating the complex political process that includes the legislature and regulatory agencies in areas including tax policy, transportation, biotechnology, health care, environmental policy, liquor and spirits, cannabis, and refuse and recycling.After 23 years as a lobbyist, Vicki is skilled in maneuvering proactively and reactively as an advocate (or, when necessary, as an opponent) on issues that impact her client’s bottom line. Her tactical expertise extends “beyond the marble” of Olympia orWashington, D.C., as she has honed her clients’ public affairs efforts to better achieve their policy goals including advising on political action, community relations and stakeholder and community mobilization.Her range of interests is wide and varied.Beyond traditional regulatory matters, Vicki has also been an ally of clients representing business, education, criminal justice, utilities, transportation, spirits, cannabis, and even in a push to gain legislative and regulatory approval for innovation in“after death” care, a multi-billion-dollar industry. Her professional reputation and track record as an advocate and valued colleague have enabled Vicki to work effectively with both sides of the aisle to achieve results for her clients. She graduated from University of Washington in 1992 with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies and in 1994 with a teaching degree

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