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Brooke Davies

Brooke Davies


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My Story

Brooke Davies is a graduate of the University of Mary Washington with a B.A. in Physics. Before joining Christophersen Inc. And Boswell Consulting as an associate lobbyist, Brooke worked as a teacher of Advanced Placement Physics. Brooke then transitioned into a new career, where she served as the Executive Director of a statewide non-profit trade organization. In this position, Brooke worked closely with members of the Washington State Legislature, their staff, and various Washington State regulatory agencies to help craft policy and develop and interpret rules for a brand-new industry. Brooke has created state and local legislative agendas, organized educational networking, and fundraising events, coordinated regulatory compliance for various stakeholders, and built lasting relationships in Olympia.

Since joining Christophersen Inc. and Boswell Consulting, Brooke has worked with all their combined 28 clients focusing her efforts on business, commerce, technology, and transportation. This broad portfolio has allowed her to expand her connections in Olympia and gain significant knowledge of Washington’s political landscape Brooke grew up in Winchester, Virginia, and then moved to Seattle seven years ago after falling in love with the Pacific Northwest.

Comprehensive representation at the state legislative - government relations influence - Full Service Government Affairs

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